The Skills Required for Essay Writing

The Skills Required for Essay Writing

One task that is, challenging and demands lots of skills is essay writing. Successful essay writers will tell you that they have learned a lot through essay writing. If students can come up with a good essay, then they can surely get a high score in an essay boosting their grades. There are 5 skills that are developed through essay writing namely, critical thinking skills, creative thinking skills, analytical skills, comprehension skills, and writing skills. Let us have a helicopter view of these 5 skills:


  1. Critical Thinking Skills: A person writing an essay has to think critically about the subject at hand. Critical thinking skills are difficult to acquire. An open mind is a necessity to attain these skills. If students have critical thinking skills, only then they can come up with a viewpoint in an essay. These skills are mandatory for writing persuasive essays. Remember that students lacking critical thinking skills cannot come up with a strong argument.
  1. Creative Thinking Skills: As the name suggests, creative thinking skills require students to think creatively. Narrative essays can be written if students have strong creative thinking skills. Students are required to think outside of the box to come up with creative ideas for their essays. Brainstorming can assist students to come up with plenty of ideas. Students need to think in a way that others do not if they want to become a successful creative thinker.
  1. Analytical Skills: Analytical skills are useful skills for essay writing. Students need to make a clear picture of the topic in the minds of the readers by thinking analytically. Students need to utilize all of their 5 senses including see, hear, touch, smell, and taste to describe a person or a place or a thing or an event. Descriptive essays are constructed using analytical skills.
  1. Comprehension Skills: These skills tells the readers how well students understand a particular topic. These skills are utilized for expository writing where students have to describe something difficult to the readers. Students need to have a good understanding of the subject matter if they want to utilize comprehension skills. In short, comprehension skills portray writers’ knowledge to the readers.
  1. Writing Skills: These are the core skills of writing, and these skills are required for writing all types of essays. Students should have robust grammatical skills if they want to make a name for themselves as an essay writer. Narrations, Voice, Tenses, Correct Forms of Verbs, Sentence Completion Rules, Parts of Speech, and Rules of Using Articles are required by students if they want to show good writing skills to the readers.

If a student possesses the above 5 skills, then he or she will never feel the need to ask others: Will you please do my essay? Can you do my essay fast? Hopefully, now you possess all the necessary skills to write an essay on your own.


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