How To Evaluate The Academic Performance of Students

How To Evaluate The Academic Performance of Students

Background Information

Standardized testing is a form of test which needs all the students to respond the same questions, or an assortment of questions from the most common series of questions, in a similar way and that is counted in a standard or the steady way, which generates it probable to contrast the comparative performance of the students. The term standardized is mainly related to the large scale tests that are managed to a huge number of students. In such a test, multiple-choice questions are given. The main purpose of this article is to examine that either the standardized testing system is an outdated process of appraising the academic performance of the students or it is the unique and effective system of appraising the academic performance of the students.


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The standardized testing system is an old fashioned and outdated system of appraising the performance of the students. It is just because of the reason that in standardized testing system students has many chances to cheat the answers of the questions asked in the examination from the copy of his or her classmates. In the standardized testing system, the students are administrated with the consistent information, all the students’ attempts the same questions at the same time and at the same place and they all are scored in the same manner. Due to it, the teachers fail to appraise the learning capabilities of the students.

Though teachers pass the students with good grades and promote them at the next level. But by imitating the answers from their neighbor`s copy students never be able to judge his or her own strengths and weaknesses. Actually, the examination is taken for the purpose to judge the competence and skill level of the students. On the basis of improved competence and the skill level, they promote to the next level. There are various forms of standardized testing some of them includes Intelligence Test, Achievement test, Aptitude Test, Personality Test, Inventory Test, and Teacher made test.

If the students without increasing their competence and skills level promote to the next level so they will have to face the music in their higher studies and won””t remain successful in their studies. It is necessary that from the school levels, there should be different question papers set for every student.

I personally believe that the standardized testing system always remains harmful for the students. In a student life, everyone desires to pass the examinations by unfair means. It will always create hurdles for them in their careers and always pushes the person many miles away from success. The secret of success of the life of every man is nothing but hard working. If a man works really very much hard during their studies span so they will always eat the fruit of his hardship after getting qualified from any college or university. On the hind side of it if anyone does not possess a serious attitude towards his or her studies so he always remains in trouble of searching a dream job and always live from hand to mouth.

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It is the need of time that the students must be given different examination papers and different academic assignments. It urges the students to put their best possible efforts in learning their lessons. Though it will be much difficult for them to prepare eye-catching essays by their own that helps them to become all in all in their classes, with little efforts, they can be able to write a top-notch quality academic essay. It will help them to secure good marks and helps them to achieve admirations from their teachers.

While students face issues in essay writing and stuck at any point in time so they should not need to waste their time by trying it on their own. Instead of doing it they should require to contact with any blue-chip essay writing services. By doing so they can get super doper academic essay which helps them to get good grades in their examinations.


Conclusively, it can be said that the students should be appraised through a new caste system. The educational institutions should discard the old fashioned written examination procedures adopted in order to judge the competence level of the students and replaced it with graded assignments. They are required to prepare several graded assignments during an entire academic year. It will not only help them to learn writing skills, but also led them a helping hand to them to learn their lessons by their own efforts and learn how to conduct research and how to write in own words on the basis of the available data collected by them through an extensive amount of research. Thus, it can be said that standardized testing is an outdated way of evaluating the academic performance of students. It is recommended that the educational institutions must need to give assignments for evaluation of their learning and discard old fashioned and inefficacious standardized testing system.

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It is recommended to the educational institutions that they should need to change their testing system. The standardized testing system must be discarded from the schools, colleges, and Universities. In replacement of it, teachers prepare a different assignment for every student or the school management conducts oral test examinations that are taken in order to judge the performance of the students. Another probable new casting system to appraise the performance of the students is students are assigned unique Multiple Choice Questions, it means that every paper is distinct from each other. Teachers can also prepare some fill in the blank questions in order to judge the performance of the students.


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