Writing an Essay and Importance of Essay Samples

Writing an Essay and Importance of Essay Samples

Writing is a skill, and we learn it slowly. At first, we learn to write each alphabet, and then we learn to write words. As we progress further, we learn to write sentences, paragraphs, and eventually a complete essay. Although the majority of the students can write; however, writing a quality essay is not as easy as it looks like. The key to writing a well-written essay requires selecting a good topic and understanding the writing process.

First of all, an interesting essay requires a fascinating topic, issue or a question for discussion. Extensive research can make a writer knowledgeable about the topic. Making good references also enhance the quality of an essay. Next, a well-written essay needs a good and thorough understanding of the writing process. After students have finalized the essay topic, they should prepare an outline that will serve them as a guide in constructing the logical flow of the ideas.

Readers should not be bored by reading an essay. An essay with a logical flow and clear and concise content will save readers from boredom. Students can proceed to write the first draft of an essay after they have created the essay outline. In the first draft, the student should write the introduction and present the thesis statement by making sure that they have cited references. Students must give opinions, and support their statements with evidence or examples and literature in the main body of an essay. In the conclusion of an essay, students must restate their thesis statement and evidence supporting the thesis. Finally, students should make sure that they have properly cited the sources.

Students should proofread their essays after writing the first draft. Students should revisit their essay for proofreading. They should try their best to eliminate spelling, grammatical, and contextual errors. It is suggested to students that they must avoid editing their draft from a word processor. Students should make a hard copy of their essays, and then they should edit the essays. If students have successfully edited their draft, then they can finalize it for submission.

Luckily, there is an abundance of resource materials that writer can refer to concerning any topic. There are also websites that offer free samples on almost any topics. Utilizing free samples for essays can give students ideas about how to construct an essay. However, the writer should be watchful, and he or she must choose well-written essay samples. High-quality samples will not only give students idea about how to write an essay but also influence the writing style of students. To sum up, essay samples can help students to master the writing process.


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