Losing the 5 Essential Essay Writing Skills

Losing the 5 Essential Essay Writing Skills

Essay writing is a difficult task, and for the same reason, students want to help their friends or family members to complete their essays. Students should try to do an essay writing task on their own; however, there are obstinate or stubborn students who never give up taking help of friends or family members. Students of a type who ask others, write my essay or do my essay fast lose a number of things. Here are the things that selfish students lose when they have assigned their essay writing task to others:


  1. Self-Confidence: Self-confidence is an important characteristic. If a student loses this characteristic then he or she cannot perform the essay writing task confidently. Essay writing becomes a nightmare for students who assign their writing tasks to friends or family members. Students should try to complete their essays on own if they do not want to drop their self-confidence levels.


  1. Running Away from Responsibilities: Students run away from their responsibilities if they assign their essay assignment to others around them. Students should try hard to complete an essay on their own, as teachers want to test the writing skills of the students. Students should not run away from an essay writing task. Students should realize if other students can do the same task, then why they cannot do it.


  1. Spoiling One’s Research Skills Students acquiring the help of friends and parents put the originality of their essays in danger. The writing style of a parent or friend will surely differ from students’ writing style, and teachers can point that out. Therefore, it a discerning idea that students do not take help of friends or parents to complete an essay, and conduct research for their essays on their own.


  1. Comprehension Skills: Essay writing helps students realize the comprehension skills. Comprehension skills are the most important skills for essay writing, as students can suggest nothing to the readers without comprehension skills. Students learn how to analyze various texts by utilizing comprehension skills. Students need to read essays of other students if they want to upgrade their own writing skills.

Losing Self-Dependence: Students will lose self-dependence if they keep assigning their essay writing task to friends or parents. Students should become self-dependent, and they should avoid bothering their family and friends to write an essay for them. Students should have faith in themselves if they want to become a successful essay writer. Last but not least, self-dependency is a key to essay writing success.


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