How to Write an Essay?

How to Write an Essay?

Almost all the students experience “student’s block”; however, students should not be worried if they have an essay to write. Students must complete their essays in the given timeline; otherwise, they will lose their grades. Do you want to know how to write an essay? Writing an essay | EssayEmpire is a lot easier than you think. If you pick up the right question for your essay, interpret the terms correctly, and follow a simple procedure, then you can come up with a remarkable essay. You should follow the following 10 points to come with an extra-ordinary essay:


  1. First of all, you should ensure that you understand the essay question completely.
  2. Next, you should gather information that is, relevant to the essay topic, and you have to jot down rough notes.
  3. Now, you must make a plan for your essay by writing down the order in which you want to present your information and ideas.
  4. Write a good essay draft, follow correct layout for your essay, and use formal, simple, clear, and concise language.
  5. Do not forget to give references throughout the body of your essay if you refer to other people’s quotes or findings.
  6. Recheck the draft, and make corrections of Spelling, Punctuation, Paragraph Layout, and Grammar.
  7. Make sure that the introduction and conclusion of your essay are interesting for readers to read.
  8. Create the final copy of your essay.
  9. Make sure you include a bibliography of all information sources used in your essay.
  10. Finally, re-read the essay to check for final mistakes.


The process of researching, planning, and writing an essay must be enjoyable for you. It may seem hard to you; however, it is not. You have to think hard enough about your own aims while writing an essay. Follow the three-step process:


Step 1: Ask yourself: what the question wants to know?

Step 2: Ask yourself: what do you know about the question?

Step 3: Ask yourself: how will you put information into words?


The soul of your essay is the body. It is the place where you do your job of showing “to what extent and in what ways” or of “assessing the validity” or of “contrasting and comparing” or of “explaining”, and so on. Introduction of your essay simply points out the direction that your argument will take, and the conclusion simply summarizes the argument. All you have to do is to write a clear and convincing argument in your essay. Remember that argument is what you write to answer the essay question.


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