How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay

How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay

Five paragraph essays are formal essays comprising of exactly five paragraphs. One paragraph is about introduction, three about the body, and one paragraph is about conclusion that is how five paragraphs are divided into a five paragraph essay. Five paragraphs are a set structure for an essay, and they assist students to come up with a topic with sufficient depth. Students also have the option to take help of a custom essay writing service for writing five paragraph essays. Here’s how the procedure of five paragraph essays go:

Introduction: Introduction typically consists of a minimum of three sentences in length. The first two or more sentences will be about the background information about the topic, and the last sentence of the introduction is the place where you have to give your thesis statement. Thesis statement is the place where you should make three points to set the pace for your body paragraphs.

Body: You must divide your topic into three divisions, because you need to write three body paragraphs in a formal essay. The first body paragraph will cover the first point of your thesis statement. A formal body paragraph usually has to be in 8 to 12 sentences in length. You will begin with a topic sentence emphasizing the first division of your thesis statement. You should mention in detail what you mean by your topic sentence, and you should conclude your first paragraph in a way that it is linked to your second paragraph. Now, you should proceed to the second body paragraph. Second body paragraph will explain the second point of your thesis statement. This paragraph will also consist of 8 to 12 sentences. The topic sentence of the second body paragraph will be linked to the ending sentence of your first paragraph. You will follow the same procedure for your 2nd body paragraph that you follow for the first paragraph. You should write your last body paragraph in the way that you have utilized your 1st and 2nd body paragraph.

Conclusion: The concluding paragraph will contain a few sentences that will summarize the main idea of your essay. It is also the point where you will restate your thesis statement.

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