Filling Up the Essay Structure and Coming Up With an Original Essay

Filling Up the Essay Structure and Coming Up With an Original Essay

Essay writing is a daunting task, and students need to work hard to come up with an original essay. Original research can definitely help students to come up with an original essay. If students cannot conduct the original research on their own, then they also have the option to take help of an essay writing service. Students will not need to take help of others if they realize essay is always written the same way. Every essay is comprised of an introduction, the main body, and conclusion. Here is how students should write the introduction, the main body, and conclusion to come up with an original essay:


  1. Introduction: Original research will be the key for students when they have filled up the introduction and body. First of all, students need to come up with an awe-inspiring title before they begin their introduction. The title should give students the clue about what students will discuss in their essay. There are 4 different ways to begin an introduction, which are as follows: (1) Begin an essay with humor hook, (2) Commence an essay with a surprising fact, (3) Introduce an essay with a question, and (4) Use the direct quote to begin an essay. Students should keep the purpose of introduction in their minds i.e. making readers engaged with their write-ups. Background information is also a mandatory requirement of an introduction; it helps students relate the pieces of information with their essay topics. Lastly, students need to come up with the thesis statement in the introduction, it will tell the readers your viewpoint.


  1. Body: Obviously, original research is the key for you to come up with evidence and examples for your essay that you will be utilizing in the main body of an essay. At first, you should come up with topic sentences in each of your body paragraphs. Supporting sentences should be followed by topic sentences. You must make full use of transition sentences to link your body paragraphs in the body of an essay. Last but not least, you will be using evidence or examples to explain the main idea of your topic to the readers.


  1. Conclusion: Conclusion is the last part of an essay structure, and it is about authors own opinions, which are based on their essay findings. Students need to summarize their findings, and they also need to restate the thesis statement in the conclusion of an essay.


This is how students should fill up the essay structure. Once students have completed writing their essays, they should proofread it for finding errors and collecting errors. A good proofreader makes sure everything is in place, so you need to be a good proofreader if you do not want to spoil your essay and make it look original.


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