Complete Guide About The Structure Of a Term paper

Complete Guide About The Structure Of a Term paper



Meta Description: A term paper usually includes chapters that are title page, table of content, abstract, introduction, literature review, research methodology, results, recommendations and bibliography.

Term papers are a kind of research paper that students are required to write at the end of their semester term. This is an important writing task that students are required to complete in a proper and successful manner in order to get good marks from their teachers. Writing a good term paper is not an easy takes. It requires a lot of hard work, efforts and time for conducting research and writing the report.

The writing procedure of term paper is consisted of different steps, one of which is structuring the report. Structuring a term paper report is a hectic and time consuming task as it contains a number of chapters that have different writing and format requirements. Follow the guide below to know about the chapters included in a term paper:

Title Page:

This is the first page of the paper in which you are required to write the title of the report, your name, your course instructor’s name, department and date of submission. All of the information is required to be written in the middle of the page.


This is the second page of the term paper in which you are required to write an appreciation note for all those people who have helped you in researching and writing your report.

Table of content:

This part of the report includes a complete list of the chapters with their respective page numbers that you have included in the report. Along with this page, you are required to place more pages for figures, tables and diagrams that are included in your report.


This part of the report provides an overview of the report, which includes the main points discussed further in the report, such as what is the topic, what is the method of the research, what is the sample size, what are the hypotheses and results. This section needs to be written in a precise manner in the given word limit.


This is the first main chapter of the report that provides complete information about the topic of the research. It also explains the reasons for which the topic is chosen for research. It also contains the definition of the main variables and hypothesis.

Literature Review:

This is the second important chapter of the term paper which contains a review of the studies that have already been conducted on the same topic. This chapter is written to explain the need and importance of the research.

Research methodology:

This chapter of the report includes complete information about the research methodologies that were used for conducting the research along with the procedures that were used for implementing them. This chapter provides details about the research model, research variables and also research methods.


This chapter contains information about the findings of the research and also that whether the hypotheses are true or false.


This chapter of the report contains writer/researcher’s views and suggestions regarding the future research about the same topic.


This chapter contains a list of all the sources from where the data is collected for conducting research and writing report. The sources are written in the alphabetic order and with proper formatting.

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