7 Common Mistakes in Essay Writing and Their Solutions

7 Common Mistakes in Essay Writing and Their Solutions

Essay is the content that students write on various topics. Essay writing is not an easy thing to do; however, students have to submit essays as essays are parts of their coursework. Splendid writing skills and dedicated story construction are essential for students to write a beautiful and impeccable essay An excellent essay needs a perfect writer who commits no errors while he or she write an essay. Students need to briefly explain all things related to a particular topic in an essay. There are also students who opt for essay writing services to complete their essays. Some students commit 7 common mistakes while writing essays and spoil their grades. Here are those 7 mistakes with their solutions:


Mistake # 1: Poor Introduction

Students often start their essays poorly.

Solution: Introduction gives readers an idea of the essay topic. Students should try to hook readers with their essays by giving an introduction to the topic. Students can make use of direct quotes, question, a surprising fact, an element of humor to engage readers with their essay topic.


Mistake # 2: Diversion

Sometimes, students deviate from the main topic.

Solution: Readers will get bored if you speak of irrelevant issues and events in your essay. Readers can get distracted if you talk about irrelevant things in your essays. Therefore, you should never deviate from the main topic. You should stay focus on a central topic of your essay to avoid the distraction of the readers.


Mistake # 3: Creating the Thesis Statement

Some students fail to create a perfect thesis statement.

Solution: Thesis statement is something that must hook your readers. You talk about the main idea about your topic through the thesis statement. An example of a debatable thesis statement is as follows:  “25 percent of the federal budget must be spent for limiting pollution.”


Mistake# 4: Transition Sentences

Students often fail to create transition sentences.

Solution: Students often create unrelated sentences in an essay that make the job of creating transition sentences difficult for them. In order to tackle this problem, students should always use related sentences while writing an essay. It will not only help students to create transition sentences but also aid them to keep the flow in their essays.


Mistake# 5: No examples

No example means no explanation

Solution#: Students are required to support their point of view on essay topic, and they can do it by providing examples in an essay. In other words, you can explain your essay topic with the help of examples.


Mistake# 6: Using Complex Sentences

Using complex sentences in an essay are considered negative.

Solution: You should not utilize complex sentence in an essay as it will make it hard for your readers to understand the essay topic. Instead, you must use simple sentences in your essay to make it easier for your readers to understand the topic.


Mistake# 7: Using Advanced Vocabulary

Using advanced vocabulary is not a good thing.

Solution: You should keep things simple for your readers in your essay. Even if you have too much knowledge about the subject, you should remain brief, and stick to the main point. No one in this world knows each word of English; therefore, you should use simple and easy to understand words in your essay


Essay writing | Essay Empire is an art. You need to have excellent writing skills if you want to write a perfect essay. Always try to add relevant and complete information about the essay topic to help your readers learn about your essay topic easily. Lastly, you should come up with an attractive and error-free essay.


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