World Economic Crisis

There have been many economic crises in the world over the last few centuries. However, the latest one was the global crisis of 2007, during which many countries all over the world experienced problems in terms of falling stock prices, increased number of unemployed people coupled with a lack of well-paying jobs, failing economies, and increased poverty. This was something that many economists did not see coming, as its causes with embedded in something that wasn’t that big of a worry: mortgage crisis in the US. While the West was severely affected from this global economic crisis, the East was not safe as well. This is because global economy is a tightly knit network, and every big failure or success, regardless of where it originated from, has an impact on all the key players.

There were many factors that lead to the economic crisis of 2007. While the housing crisis of the US can be thought of as an important event, we cannot ignore economic imbalances between the east and west, the fact that many countries were, and still are, under tremendous amounts of debt, and the inability of leading economists to predict this disturbing development. Amongst all these factors, the most important one is that concerning debt; people begin living beyond their means, and even countries did the same. Soon enough, the collective debt got so big that the economy crashed as a huge cash deficit was created.

The global economic crisis of 2007 left a huge impact on the world’s economy, with the West still working towards recovering from its impact. To say the least, they still have not reached the economic stability that they once had before the global crisis struck. Globalization also saw a drop after the economic crisis of 2007. This was a huge impact, since globalization was otherwise on the rise, and had experienced record heights in the 1990s. Corporations and businesses refrained from operation on an international level, and took their operations to their home countries. This resulted in a decline in global trade, which was blossoming in the pre-crisis era. As a consequence, there was more inward growth as compared to outward growth, and global economy shrank.

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