Cost Benefit Analysis Essay

Cost benefit analysis is very important for a firm, business or company. This is because it gives the owners an idea of how their enterprise is performing. It is mostly carried out when business owners are interested in expanding their operations, and need to know whether are not it will be fruitful for them in the future.

A cost benefit analysis generally suggests the feasibility of any action that business owners are aiming to take, and is calculated simply by subtracting its estimated cost from the potential benefits that it will bring with it. The extent of this analysis depends upon the action that is being taken, and data is collected accordingly. Nowadays, doing so is not hard at all due to the advent of technology that has brought about several time-saving computer programs with it. Using these programs, entrepreneurs can get their desired calculations in very little time by simply plugging in the appropriate values. Most of these programs are also capable of predicting the future of the concerned action, and show its expected progress with the help of graphs and charts. However, at this point, note should be taken of the fact that nothing is for certain, and your calculations might also predict the opposite of what will actually happen in the future.

As mentioned before, a cost benefit analysis can be completed in a step-by-step procedure that involves simple tasks. For instance, to begin with, you should first make a list of all the potential costs and benefits that you can associate with a project that you are thinking of working on. Make sure to include all types of costs, including opportunity costs as well, and do the same for benefits. Once this is done, calculate the aggregates of both the quantities, and go forth if the balance is positive. If it is negative, then you are advised to review your project once again.

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