Computer Science Essay

Computer science is a very rewarding field to specialize in, and encompasses everything related to understanding the system that runs computers, and using it to carry out several tasks. Many people have been drawn to this discipline since quite some time now, as it offers a lot of potential for growth and lucrative jobs. What’s more is that it has taken over the world, and transformed it into what it is today. There are no fields left that haven’t been computerized yet, and with the fast pace at which technology is progressing, computer science will take over all lives fully in very little time.

The application of computer science to almost every field has been made possible through the extensive research and experimentation that began in its full force only a few years ago. Now, almost every job can be done by a computer, and less effort is required to achieve the desired results. The evolution of technology in this era has been surprising, and has brought several benefits with it, such as increased human efficiency, greater access to information and better services, rapid economic growth, etc. Even public places like hospitals, libraries, restaurants, and schools have employed computer science in its various forms to improve their operations.

It seems that everything is computerized these days, from data management to mundane, every-day tasks such as cooking. Now, you no longer have to spend long hours to do your tasks manually, as a computer is all that you need for almost everything. During this time, technology has progressed so much that many companies have introduced computerized humans, or ‘robots’ that are working in the industry and have started replacing manual force rapidly

As encouraging as this might sound, there are many negative aspects to this growing computerization of almost everything around us. Technology has made humans lazy, and raised several concerns regarding their health, social interactions, and overall well-being. Hence, we must take care when it comes to using technology, and ensure that it does not become a nuisance for us.

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