Comparison And Contrast Essay

Comparison and contrast can be done between any two quantities, and is quite essential in our every day lives. By doing this analysis, differences between any two objects, individuals, or entities become more pronounced, and often help in the selection of which one is the best. It can be done simply by having a close look at the subjects, and listing down their characteristics. These can then be compared against one and another, and a conclusion can be drawn right away. What’s more is that it is a simple method that does not require a lot of hard work on part of the observers and decision makers. In fact, it makes their jobs easier.

There are many methods using which you can compare and contrast, one of which is the consecutive method. Using this method, you can easily produce a well-structured argument in favor of a certain subject of your choosing. It works by listing the traits of one subject, either in their entirety or concerning a single aspect, followed by those of the other one. The transition between these two sets of traits is usually made using an appropriate word or phrase, such as “on the other hand”.

Another method for compare and contrast analysis is the simultaneous method. Using this, observers compare both the subjects simultaneously. This is done writing down a trait of the first subject, followed by a contrasting trait of the second subject. This method is particularly useful when there is a long list of traits to be compared, as it makes it easier for the readers to keep track of all the information without losing focus.

Compare and contrast can be applied anything, ranging from mundane, every day tasks to big decisions in life. This analysis is particularly useful in the field of business, as it allows investors to decide between different options for investment. Using this simple method, they can not only make wise decisions, but also get a true picture of how things are in reality by comparing them in a step-by-step manner.

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